Managing renewable energy resources with AI support

Natural concerns and shortage of assets are persistently pushing interest for sustainable power source.

Worldwide trend in container glass market

Glass is an integral part of every developed and developing economy and is attached to almost every individual’s life. It is an important commodity for food and beverage packaging, for lighting homes, business purpose.

IoT in Maritime

Despite the fact ships carried an estimated 9.6 billion tons of cargo in 2013 – around 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value terms of its use of information and communications technology.

Operational efficiency in Airlines

The interest for air travel is driving development in the business armada by 2025, expanding weight on the avionics business consistently for better operation rehearses.

IoT Revolutionising FMCG Industry

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has dependably been willing to execute new innovations to build up productive business practices.

TRF strategies: Using Peak Reliability to increase Availability

Power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure crucial for the economic growth and welfare of nations.

Connected Cars

According to a new report by Allied Market Research, the global connected cars market is forecast to reach$141 Billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 32.7% during the period (2014 – 2020)

Artificial Inteligence in Power System

A persistent and reliable supply of power is vital for the working of today's modern and advanced society.

Data Analytics in Automobiles

Data analytics is impacting virtually all industries the world over and the automobile industry is no exception. Inexorably, all business activity is becoming data driven and this is where analytics comes in.

Effective Predictive Maintenace in Marine Industry

It is a technique that helps us decide or predict the next maintenance cycle of the in-service machinery or equipment.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Drug discovery

The present medication revelation handle needs to move significantly keeping in mind the end goal to address the issues both of society and patients in the 21st Century.


The fate of the microsphere market looks encouraging with growing opportunities in the medicinal innovation, composites, and life sciences and biotechnology ventures, as per a report from The Market Reports.