As an experienced professional you’ll find life here challenging and rewarding, but most of all, inspiring. You know that when you choose to join us, you are choosing an organization committed to helping you achieve your unique potential and making a difference – with your client’s and your community. We’re proud to have a culture that brings out the best in individuals, encourages them to pursue excellence and to support and encourage excellence in others. Our different backgrounds, cultures and points of view are vital to our success. They enrich the insights and recommendations we make to our clients and help us develop as individuals.


Flexibility at work

During our career, we all encounter unexpected circumstances as well as exciting opportunities, and each of us will explore a range of personal and career development options. Sometimes, our choices require us to take time away from work. To the extent possible, Arrelic gives us the flexibility to travel the path we choose in the way that works best for us individually. Our people are the foundation of Arrelic success, so we are as flexible as we can be in making adjustments to your working arrangements. Whether you choose to be away from work for an extended time, part-time, or just for a few hours during the day, we respect your needs. We trust you to skillfully balance your personal and work commitments. We do not judge your performance by the time you stay in the office but by what you accomplish.


Discover your potential

One of the strategic questions you should ask yourself is: “What can I be best in at ?” Being able to answer this question will make you thrive in your career. But of course, answering this question is not easy. In essence, it requires you to find your unique value proposition. What value can you contribute to the world that can’t be given by other people? In Arrelic We provide support, empowerment, accountability, education, counsel and insight for people who are ready for change.


A great place to work

In a Reliability and Asset management consulting business, Arrelic works with the world’s most prominent companies in virtually all industries. We add value by bringing our clients specific expertise and an independent perspective that can lead to new approaches and lasting change. The result is a work environment that is both challenging and rewarding. In Arrelic the job is not only challenging or rewarding it’s a stress free work culture.


Travel around the World

Consulting business is known as high travel job. Arrelic have high geographical penetration by its unique corporate alliances and planning to set up its own offices in more than 65 countries in next 5 years. The HR policy of Arrelic follows the “Home and Abroad —and home again” principles which maximize the personal along with your professional life. In Arrelic you will travel around the world and find for consulting different industries in different locations.


build your career with arrelic

If you think you would fit in well with our culture and drive to succeed, then send your CV at [email protected]