Growing interest for glass from the beverage sector, real-estate and the infrastructure has given a boost to its market in India.

The development in the Indian glass industry is led by container glass segment, which represents larger part of the deals as far as volume, as indicated by a prominent Research report. Most of the deals regarding quality is overwhelmed by float glass segment and further in the coming year’s deals in float glass segment of the Indian glass industry will increment on the sidelines of real-estate development in over retail, private and office bequest.

Alcohol and Beer Industry shapes right around 2/3 of the container glass segment in India took after by sustenance and pharmaceutical industry.

Flat glass has made critical place in the glass business not simply in India but rather on a worldwide level. Add up to size of Flat Glass industry in India is 0.12 million tons for every month. Indian Glass Industry comprises of design, car, estimation included glass, mirrors and furniture section which has piece of the overall industry of 45%, 15%, 15%, 10% and 15% separately.

Per capita glass utilization has expanded essentially in India from 0.58 kg to 1.1 kg; in any case it is still much lower when contrasted with other creating nations and much lower than China, where it remains at around 15 kg.

India with 9 float plants is still far behind China which has around 196 float plants. This recommends India can possibly build limit.

Indian Glass Market is assessed to Increase at a CAGR of 15% throughout the Next Three Years. Fuelled by development in parts like real-estate, infrastructure, retail, car and food and refreshments, the nation's glass industry will procure a market measure worth Rs 640 billion by 2015 from Rs 340 billion at present, as indicated by a review by industry body Assocham. The glass utilization development is normal in construction (10-12%), automotive (20), consumer goods (15-20) and pharmaceuticals (15-18) sectors.

Flat glass in India is significantly utilized for construction reason, or by the automobile part alongside railways. As far as value is concerned, the constructiondivisions of the nation held a lion’s share partake in offers of flat glass in the nation. The current infrastructural advancements in the real-estate part of the nation are significantly in charge of the greater part share of construction segment at end user analysis. The research and developments in the flat glass industry have led to production of highly specialized form of glass intended for production of different products and applications. All such developments are leading to positive growth in the flat glass market of India.

The growth in the glass industry is characterised by the increase use of processed & reflective glass as the Indian customer has become more aware about the importance of glass in effectively addressing the concerns of safety and energy efficiency