The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry has dependably been willing to execute new innovations to build up productive business practices. IT-empowered development has fundamentally enhanced inventory network procedures and distribution centre administration. The consumer packaged product organizations have recognized the business potential in data by giving bits of knowledge on client's conduct, needs and wants. FMCG organizations are moving towards information driven condition in which volumes of information is radiating from purpose of offer, in-store engagement, portable stages, and online networking. The FMCG organizations are at present concentrating on these key regions to be specific, direct consumer relationship, mobile and location-based services, predictive analysis, demand driven supply chain management, Idea-to-product acceleration, safety & traceability and sustainability.

The Internet of Things offers a horde of open doors for customer packaged goods organizations to draw in clients. By and by the FMCG business is receiving the rewards of the versatile applications insurgency. The versatility arrangements are helping clients to request basic supplies from their convenient gadgets. Internet of Things in a joint effort with cell phones which will permit FMCG retailers to better draw in clients inside the retail outlets and even at their homes.

Internet of Things will likewise help in area based showcasing for the FMCG organizations. In view of the area of the buyer, tweaked offer can be sent through push warnings or application promoting. Inside the store, the sensors will recognize a client's crucial insights like tallness, weight, BMI and so on and propose them things in view of their wellbeing. The customized advancement will help fundamentally enhance client encounter.

Internet of Things won't just enhance the front end operations of FMCG retail locations but also additionally upgrade the effectiveness of back-end operations. The store racks will have sensors to screen stock. On account of low stock levels, the store racks will advise the distribution center and request stock to maintain a strategic distance from out of stock circumstance. For the FMCG business, stock administration is basic to a solid main concern. The perishable products with shorter timeframe of realistic usability require observing to distinguish any waste. IoT supported sensors and screens will help in diminishing wastages and help in checking the earth for a more drawn out timeframe of realistic usability.

In not so distant future, we will witness numerous Internet of Things sponsored development in the FMCG area. The business in which margins are low, IoT will help brands in creating a differentiation for invoking customer loyalty.