Defence and Security related data being generated from numerous sources should be completely dissected for military operations and better situational mindfulness in future, particularly in the joint administrations field. From an operational viewpoint, "larger picture" will be required for optimal asset deployment leading to effective operations.Big Data platform can give a solitary perspective of information which will be more coherent and will be in real time.

Logistics of the future will require gave resourcemonitoring framework to have asset visibility. Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) execution like Computerized Inventory Control Project (CICP) of the Ordnance Corps will automatize their logistic management. On the information accumulated by CICP, Big Data can give Intelligent instruments for Pattern Recognition, Modeling, Simulation and Forecast. This can add value since all acquisition can be established on analysis of pattern of use inciting a lean stock. Consistent course upgrade of an extensive variety of escorts which are GPS and RFID engaged ought to be conceivable by focus the case of data created from procession improvements fitted with sensors. In like manner essential apparatus and vehicle having a hearing on the operational adequacy can be fitted with sensors and examination of the data made by the sensors exhibiting all wear and tear will change the bolster thinking of military Big Data application.

In the field of cyber security, where network administrators will manage a huge number of assaults each day, Big Data examination can be applied to spot advanced persistent threats such as Socially built assaults intended to take government data which has occurred before. Most programmers have a usual way of doing things, which once distinguished can be utilized to anticipate the type of future assaults and set up proper cautious measures. For military insight, calculations can be produced to break down a huge number of open-source archives created every hour and contrast them with billions of authentic occasions and afterwards have prescient ability to envisioning particular occurrences and propose measures proactively. Automated analysis technology on knowledge, observation and surveillance (ISR) information can be made as a major aspect of Big Data activity which will permit the operations branch to work easily on future stages which are information serious.

Information generation in the defence force is expanding and consequently it will offer ascent to numerous open doors in future. BIG Data with computational investigation, can convey bits of knowledge empowering officers to proactively distinguish problem areas for operational arranging. A few difficulties as far as necessity of qualified Big Data researcher, security approach identified with information purging from legacy applications and accomplishing standardization and change administration issues can be overcome by taking after a transformative way of usage which ought to be in synchronization with the IT Roadmap of Armed Forces.