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Introduction to IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things )


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applies Internet of Things technology to the industrial sector. The industrial internet of things encompasses machine learning (setting up algorithms to obtain predictive analyses) and Big Data by exploiting data sensors and machine to machine communication (between machines without human intervention), which have existed in the industrial sector for many years.

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is much more advanced than the commercial IoT, primarily due to the prevalence of connected sensors in the industrial world, which are the "things" in the IoT. Hundreds of millions of connected wired and wireless pressure, level, flow, temperature, vibration, acoustic, position, analytical, and other sensors are installed and operating in the industrial sector, and millions more are added annually, increasing value with additional monitoring, analysis, and optimization. These sensors connect to a variety of higher level software platforms, both on- and offsite. On-site connections are often via a local intranet, creating an Industrial Intranet of Things. Offsite connections are usually made through the Internet, often via a cloud-based storage system.

This course gives you a walkthrough on the concepts related to IIoT, its implementation, and open platform communication concepts.


  • Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things

  • IIoT Architecture

  • Interoperability Concepts

  • Open Platform Communications- Introduction, understanding and its applications

  • Learn Industry 4.0 basic concepts

  • Leveraging Big Data solutions, and IIoT to gain deeper insights through data and analytics.

  • Classify real world IIoT design constraints

  • Implications of IIoT on Industrial Automation


  • Transform your business model, develop new business models based on Smart Devices using IIoT

  • Identify real world industrial automation constraints and design solutions for them

  • Make yourself Industry 4.0 compliant

  • IIoT examples now in place present a very fast ROI, less than half a year

  • Wireless Open Network communications and data interpretation

  • Networking Fundamentals for Industrial Control Systems


  •  Automation component manufacturers

  •  Automation solution providers

  •  End users in manufacturing like automobile, consumer durables, pharma,process industries etc.

  •  Companies in IT and ITES

  •  Faculty and students related with automation programs

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