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Introduction to Theory of Constraints (TOC)


The theory of constraints explains that even when the business has a lot of potential to achieve better goals and business, the presence of weak trait limits the potential of a business. The theory helps a business to analyze its strengths and weaknesses with objectivity and then learn how to overcome the worst weaknesses of all along with strengthening positive factors of the business. The training aims at educating the participants about the significance of the Theory-Of-Constraints (TOC) and its relative application in each of their business contexts and projects to bring in more growth and development by eliminating the weakest trait that a business or a project is unknowingly is being weighed down with.


  • Theory of Constraints (TOC) History and Principles
  • TOC Simulation
  • Key Assumption
  • The Five Focusing Steps
  • Focusing Tools
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope-Scheduling (DBR)
  • Throughput Accounting (TA)
  • Implementation Guide
  • Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)


  • TOC has evolved into a holistic management philosophy and set of focusing and critical thinking processes that enable us to identify and implement win-win solutions.

  • It will equip participants with full spectrum knowledge of TOC which covers eight applications plus “Thinking Processes” to generate rapid business elevation solutions: production, finance and measurements, distribution and supply chain, project management, marketing, sales, strategic thinking, and people problem solving and communication skills.


  • Preferably executed/involved in-process improvement programme

  • Ability to understand and reason

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