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Value Stream Mapping (VSM)


Value Stream Mapping enables a company to identify and eliminate waste, thereby streamlining work processes, cutting lead times, reducing costs and increasing quality. It is a tool commonly used in lean continuous improvement programs to help understand and improve the material and information flow within organizations.


  • Introduction to Lean

  • Understanding ‘Process’

  • Understanding what the customer value is

  • Value add, value enabling and non-value adding activities

  • Analysing current state to identify waste

  • What is a Process & Process Mapping?

  • Different types of Process Mapping techniques

  • The Future State Implementation Plan


  • Knowing how to identify processes and distinguish from procedure

  • Collecting data for Value Stream mapping

  • Applying the recognised industry standard analysis technique associated with Value Stream mapping.

  • Knowing the benefits of 'Value Stream Mapping'

  • Knowing how to form the value stream team

  • Understanding customer demand associated with VSM

  • Knowing how to develop the value stream information system

  • Using the Value stream mapping symbols

  • Knowing how to construct the 'Current State Map'

  • Knowing how to Construct the 'Future State Map'

  • Establishing 'Future State' implementation strategy development and deployment

  • Identifying opportunities and problem areas within existing business Value Streams

  • Modelling and assessing the impact of any proposed changes to a key process.

  • Providing the opportunity to make real major financial saving through QM&T's pre-and post-course supported assignment scheme

  • Value Stream mapping software

  • Completing a Value Stream Mapping initiative


Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Lean practitioners, Business Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, System implementers, Management representatives, System coordinators, Change managers, Improvement teams.

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