Seismic Monitoring Overview

Seismic Monitoring Overview

The potential for nuisance due ground vibration, air blasts, and water pressure caused by the blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities has always been a cause for concern to the public.

We are able to carry out vibration assessments to ensure acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites from all types of sources. We undertake all types of vibration work and are able to undertake frequency analysis and detailed investigations utilizing multiple monitoring systems.

From the simplest to the most demanding applications, we use most advance instruments which offer innovative features, specialized sensors, and a variety of recording formats that increase their functionality and allow for flexibility across a wide variety of project needs.

Arrelic can meet your consulting and equipment needs for most vibration or sound monitoring applications including.

  • Blast vibration & air blast monitoring
  • Underwater blast vibration & pressure monitoring
  • Demolition vibration & air blast monitoring
  • Construction vibration monitoring
  • Transit vibration monitoring
  • Pile driving vibration monitoring
  • Dynamic compaction vibration monitoring
  • Tunnel and subway vibration monitoring
  • Structural vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Bridge construction vibration monitoring
  • Remote access vibration and sound monitoring
  • Vibration dose value monitoring (VDV)

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