ARLYTIC – Asset Reliability Analytics

ARLYTIC – Asset Reliability Analytics

ARLYTIC™ is a big data based multi-connected IoT analytics platform offers unprecedented advantages for machine manufactures as well as the plant managers who are end-users of the machines to avoid machine downtime through analysing the sensors data.

ARLYTIC™ relies on collecting data on the edge to uncover actionable insights, using the right tools and techniques, at the right time, to help a organization achieve its most desired business outcomes.


  • Ingest, process machine and sensor data in Big Data architectures from messaging services, web APIs, and data files
  • Uncover meaningful patterns in equipment and device data with powerful machine learning and data mining tools
  • Analyse and visualize the historical data on a machine or device
  • Slice and dice data-sets to understand odd behaviour of certain sets of machines or devices
  • Use machine learning to detect patterns instead of humans.
  • Understand the performance requirements of networks and systems that gather and support IoT applications.
  • Monitor and predict the machine failure before it occurs.


  • Create an early warning system that is 95% accurate
  • Better data visualization
  • Reduce system and M/C Downtime
  • Better Risk Management
  • Improve System Reliability, availability, productivity, MTBF

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