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Precision shaft alignment


Arrelic’s  precision shaft alignment is to remove destructive forces that cause premature bearing failure and reduce seal life. Destructive misalignment forces are generated at the planes of power transmission when the machines are coupled.


The course objective is to teach students how to align two coupled rotating machinery shafts to specified tolerances using a laser alignment system, including proper planning, rough and precision alignment processes per approved procedures


  • Reduce the energy consumption
  • Fewer failures of seals, couplings and bearings
  • No shaft cracking or failures
  • Lower vibration level that result in a fewer mechanical faults
  • No loose foundation bolt
  • How shaft become aligned and unaligned
  • Pump alignment procedures
  • Pully or Belt alignment
  • Less energy consumption
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduction in costs
  • Define shaft alignment and terms associate with this procedure
  • Understand preparations for alignment
  • Evaluate the success of dial indicator alignment procedure


These course is designed for Maintenance, Engineering, Technical support and Manager personnel’s. The Scope is appropriate for those who align machines, detect, investigation and resolve the premature machine failure due to misalignment.

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