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Fundamentals of Vibration


Arrelic’s Machining vibrations defines in an Manufacturing Industries as the relative movement between the workpiece and the cutting tool. The vibrations result in waves on the machined surface. This affects typical machining processes, such as turning,milling and drilling, and a typical machining processes, such as grinding.


  • Machine Vibration Introductions: Background, Definitions, sources, effects, predictive maintenance, measurement concepts, frequency, time, natural frequencies, resonance and critical speeds.
  • Data Collection: Physical observation, transducers, frequency spans, measures, triggering, transducers mounting, transducer location.
  • Vibration Severity: Criteria, procedures and Vibration charts & introduction to Common Machine Faults


  • Understand how the fundamentals of machine design and behaviour are reflected in the vibration measurements.
  • Learn how to reduce machine vibration data into usable plot formats. Learn which plot formats are best to use in the different stages of machine diagnostics.
  • Perform simple testing and vibration fault analysis
  • Data collection from vibration analyzer


Manager, Superintendents, Chief Engineers, Vibration Analyst, Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians and who want to develop career in rotating machinery vibration.

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