What we do

Arrelic: Your Reliability Partner.

Our mission is to improve overall manufacturing plant Productivity, reliability, minimize total production cost by eliminating machine downtime, lightening management decisions by analyzing the machine data with right mind and expertise; for a worry free operation through a unique approach based on Results Oriented Plant Reliability Enhancement (ROPRE) philosophy.

Our work ethic and business credo are built on a fundamental respect for the client’s time, business constraints and resources. This philosophy helps us nurture lasting client relationships and guarantees value maximization in all our engagements.

IoT Devices : Through our Arrelic Innovation lab we are developing different types of IoT devices related to manufacturing, Agriculture and healthcare sectors.
Analytics Platform : Arrelic is building a big data based data analytics platforms such as ARLYTIC - IoT Platform, APRANA - real-time asset performance monitoring system.
PdMAAS : Arrelic specializes in a wide range of Predictive Maintenance as a service (PdMAAS) such as Vibration Analysis, IR- Thermography, MC Analysis, WD Analysis, Rotor Balancing, Various NDT Techniques.
Consulting Services : Through our customized consulting services ranging from reliability engineering, Asset management, benchmarking, plant audit and assessment, we will help manufacturing plants to reduce their overall manufacturing cost by 20-25%.
Training & Development : We have developed various training programs focused to equip both industry professionals and college graduates with the skills and knowledge required for bridging the desire stare of workforce which industry needs to compete globally.

The company was setup with the objective of providing senior managers with a more effective resource to help resolve complex strategic, operational and maintenance issues. Our reputation and credibility is delivering practical and implementable solutions to clients – both domestic and international covering 15 various industry ranging from Airlines to pulp & paper.

In Arrelic, we address our clients most critical Challenges, highest value opportunities to transform their business. Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve higher competitive advantage, build more capable organizations to sustain and to deliver outperform results though our service line.